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Charity Build Projects Are you working on project for a local or national charity?Tell us about it. Need help or donations? Ask here?

Charity Build Projects Are you working on project for a local or national charity?Tell us about it. Need help or donations? Ask here?

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Old 10-07-2010, 02:10 PM
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For Dave

This is a project im honored to be involved in, MINIAC. This blazer is being built for a fallen member of Definite Obsessions who passed away in 2007. Before i get into the build heres a short story about daves life from his mother.

There are gracious gifts to value each and every day, such as good health and freedom. I am proud to be an American with the freedom to write about a great need of one young father and his family in Northwest Arkansas. The young man is my son, David Swanson.

In October of 1999, during a visit to his primary doctor, he mentioned he was having a chest pain. The doctor checked him and found he was having a heart attack right at that moment in the office. David was rushed to Washington Regional, and had open heart surgery. The surgery was a success, but had weakened his kidneys, and he needed to seek an organ donor. In February 2000, less than 24 hours after he completed final tests in Little Rock, a tragic miracle occurred. A family at J B Hunt, where David worked, had a sudden loss of life. The family of the person that had passed away knew of David’s need and requested that if there was a tissue match, the organs go to David. We were agonized by his co-workers families’ loss. But at the same time we hoped, with all our hearts, that David’s life could be saved. After a painful surgery and a very long struggle to recover, including reopening the healing wounds to clear out an infection, 24 hour nursing home care, hands full of medications a day, touch and go moments – he made it through the double transplant. He made it through! Prayer, answered prayers, by the thousands had blessed his life with a new kidney and a new pancreas. He was no longer a diabetic!!! He couldn’t grasp it. He really had to adjust to the new David. No dialysis, no insulin injections, no testing, and he could eat food he had never tried before – WOW! He didn’t take one moment for granted. He watched his children begin to grow; he gained back to a healthy weight from being so very thin. He had a scar that went from under his chin to his pelvis and across his stomach from the far right to the far left, then down the full length of his leg. But he made it through!! He went back to work, repeatedly helping to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation; he gave hope to other diabetics. No one seemed to enjoy life as much as David. He made everyday special in some way.

At the first of the year in 2006, David lost both of his transplanted organs, not to rejection but, it seems that they just wore out. His whole life changed again; no longer able to work due to the full time job of maintaining his health that includes surgery for a new fistula in his arm for dialysis, three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has Doctors appointments on most all of the other days, and migraine headaches from the physical and financial stress of the worry about his health and the needs of his children.

Today as I write he waits for another kidney. He asks me “why mom”? And I don’t know how to answer! We pray for his recovery, and for the possibility for another kidney. He wants to watch his children grow up so very much. He wants to be there for them. While he is in the hospital, and until he recovers, he will no longer be able to drive, and he will not be able to afford to continue to rent the house he has been living in. It all seems unreal. In addition to the long wait for a matching organ donor, he faces another major hurdle to health: affording the treatment and medications. He faces medical bills that far surpass his ability to pay, and does not have the money to buy the medications he must take to keep his body healthy.

The National Foundation for Transplants purpose is to provide the financial assistance, advocacy and support necessary for patients to live the miracle that transplantation offers. I have begun to prepare for this fund raising event, with the National Foundation for Transplants as the focus. We have been blessed to have the extra years we have received with David, a very special young man, but life is never easy to let go of. We love him so much. And now CJ, David’s son has been diagnosed with Diabetes as well.

On November 5, 2007 Dave left a club meeting dave returned home where he lost conciousness and was rushed to the hospital. Shortly after his heart stopped. One of hs last wishes was that his blazer be finished according to his vision.

So with permission from DO president Richard Bruner im helping build the frame and suspension for the project. I recieved the blazer after a V8 swap had been performed by DO.
We would like to thank all the sponsors involved with the project:
Wilson Autobody will be painting the blazer
Endless Sound will be doing the audio system
Suicide Doors has donated a set of upper and lower arms, cups, 4 link, and notch kit
Waylayed has donated a full set of dominator 2600 bags
No Coast Customs has donated a rollpan
National Coating & Supplies has donated paint materials
Brian @ Lost Cause will be painting the 12 gallon airtank
Many misc parts have been donated from DO members and close friends. If you are interested in donating please contact Richard at spiderman@definiteobsessions.com

So on with the build. Were going to bodydrop it to the pinch on a set of Boyd Timeless II, 18X7 for the front and 18X10 for the rear

I got started by cutting the front clip off in preparation for a 3/4 stock floor bodydrop frame.

Then i cut custom axle and frame mounting tabs, bag perches, and an upper bridge plate with daves name on it.

And just got it out to a show hosted by daves club last weekend.

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Old 10-17-2010, 01:04 PM
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thats looking good
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