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Warning regarding ProCut CNC and owner Rob Gaskins
Published by flex
Warning regarding ProCut CNC and owner Rob Gaskins

I'm hoping to spare other potential buyers from the experiencing of working with Rob Gaskins at ProCut CNC. Unfortunately, before I made my large purchase I could not find any reviews online to warn me and I don't want that to happen to the next guy. You can view his website at Pro Cut CNC | High Performance CNC Tables - Tel. (763) 315-5019 to see his products.

We ordered a custom tube cutter and a flat table from Rob. There are pages worth of problems to discuss and the attached photos show just the tip of the iceberg. The quick summary is we were shown pictures and video of a tube cutter he claimed to have been building and selling. He even sent photos of test cuts he had made on the machines. We found out weeks after we received our cutter that all of those materials and the basic design were stolen from a company in Europe called Grotius. You can visit http://www.grotius.org to see their awesome looking products. We thought this is what we were getting based on all the photos, videos, and discussions we had had with Rob. What we received was a poor imitation made with the cheapest components possible. It was clear during our "tech support" calls that he had never worked with cutting tube on a rotary cutter before and was completely unable to help. He had promised to assemble and test our machine before shipping but that never happened either. He basically sold us his light duty LT gantry setup with a jewelry engraving machine rotary attached to cut 20 foot lengths of 2x2 and 2x3 11 gauge tubing. You can imagine how poorly that has worked out.

To top everything off we had paid nearly $3,000 for computers to be pre-loaded with Mach3 and Sheetcam with the Rotary Plugin. What we received for our money was a $250 HP laptop from Wal-Mart loaded with PIRATED copies of the software whose licenses were quickly deactivated by the vendors.

There was ZERO documentation or assembly instructions included with either table. He provided detailed plans for us to build our own table frame for the flat cutter but his measurements were incorrect and resulted into our z-axis to have less than 5/8" of clearance above the table once assembled. He required us to pay the majority of our bill via bank transfer so we have zero recourse to pursue that money short of filing suit in his home state. In hindsight that should have been a clear warning but we had no reason to expect we would end up getting ripped off so badly.

You can check out the photos for brief overviews of some of the problems. Before you buy do your research and know what you're getting into. You can message or email me for more information.

Also, I should give a huge public thank you to Wolfe's Fabrication at RTC1 Rotary Tube Chuck - Wolfes Metal Fabrication since he was instrumental in getting us up and running after the fiasco with Rob at ProCut. His products and service are top notch. Unlike Rob, his products even come with INSTRUCTIONS!

My personal credentials mean little. Suffice it to say I'm sufficiently intelligent and educated to articulate myself without name calling and cursing. Rather than spend wasted time defending myself to strangers I'm simply going to post the raw evidence and people can draw their own conclusions. I'll answer sincere questions but I'm certainly not going to waste my time with name-callers and the like. My only goal is to prevent a similar situation from happening to someone else in the future. I'm not some "moron parted with his money" as one poster on another forum suggested. There is no readily available dedicated tube cutting machine on the market for near the $20,000 budget we were working under this winter and after contacting several companies over the course of many weeks selected ProCut CNC to build our rotary cutter based on the photos and videos we were sent showing examples of a table he had built before. He explained additional "upgrades" he had planned for our table as well, including the water tray to help cool parts as they were cut that wasn't available on "his" previous builds. The machine we were sent bore little resemblance to what we were shown before the purchase.

To be clear: we ordered the machine in December and received it in February. We worked in good faith for nearly 3 months before uncovering the numerous flaws in the design and the deceit with which we were sold the machine. Rob is not a stupid man, nor am I an ignorant consumer. He knows enough to talk intelligently about CNC Plasma Cutting and is a gifted salesman and bullshitter. In my opinion, he simply lacks the mechanical and engineering chops to back up what he is selling.

Review everything and make up your own mind.

Youtube link showing what happens when your rotary cutter isn't properly grounded: https://youtu.be/tdMg6esy9P4

Youtube link shows wiring problems stemming from use of unshielded audio cable to wire gantry motors: https://youtu.be/fCxMc8fp-to

Youtube link shows rotary hesitating and slipping during rotation: https://youtu.be/BnWvTUfdHOI
By bullnerd on 06-19-2016, 10:15 PM
Really sorry to hear this, I saw it posted on MBN too.

If you would have posted here before, I would have told you to stay away, long history of problems with that guy and all his products and different company names.
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