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Published by KeithXtreme
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Since the OFN at the moment is not going to have a Subscription based Vendors section. We have decided to offer those that do manufacture and Fabricate their own goods. A chance to have them reviewed by the OFN.

This is how it will work, PM us and let us know what you would like to have reviewed. We will decide if it is right for the site. The OFN will also not do any reviews of products that compete with our core Sponsers.

If it is, you can send us your product and we will do a review and try it out.

Note: We will not do a negative or unfair review. We would not do that to our users. If we find something wrong we will contact you and discuss options to correct the problem.

Upon completion of the review. We would like to post it here at the OFN, with your permission. Then use the product in a Monthly giveaway. So the OFN users can get a taste of all the great products you are making. The OFN will provide links to your Website and/or Store so users can purchase the product. The Review will be branded with your logo and link.

Please respond with your comments on this. We listen and respect all of our users opinions. This is why the site was created and reborn into what it is, because we listened to our user.

Send me a PM or start a new thread in this Review section....

Thanks, OFN
Chopworx Motor Co.
Business# 918.607.3328



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