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FANTASTIC Customer Service/PR
Published by masterfabr
FANTASTIC Customer Service/PR

I've bitched a LOT about the shady off road businesses out there but THIS ONE has GREAT PR/CUSTOMER SERVICE


I bought a car to car and intercom system from them about a year and a half ago. I've not had the car to the dunes but once since I installed it and really had so many other issues I didn't really mess with it. THIS trip tho everything is coming together nicely so far. So I decide to see what was up with it. Found only the co-driver side was working on the intercom. WTH? Anyway,I called them up and told them the story,and to my amazement,almost no question asked,told to send it in for a replacement. REPLACEMENT! Not for diagnosis or repair estimate but REPLACEMENT! HELL,I even told the man(the actual owner BTW) that I might be the culprit as there was a ground issue in the car and one of the ground wires on the unit had the insulation melted. He said he designed it to take that and he was replacing the unit . Period. I told him I DID NOT want him replacing it if it was my fault. Nope,getting a replacement. I CANNOT recommend this company enough. BUY with confidence from them!


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