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Looking for opinion on lightweight buggy and dana 35

Hi newbie to site, very long time lurker. Love the builds that happen on here and glad that it doesn't too rude on here like other forums.
Anyhow, a little bench racing question for you'll, I'm hopping to start a little buggy project using a cheap ZJ I picked up with a 5.2 in it. Kinda looking to build a extremely short wheelbase that sorta has the look or feel of a mighty mite 151A1, Crosley mini jeep or ford's junior jeep prototype. I'm always lurking on a British off road forum called Difflock for ideas since they build a lot of stuff similar to what I'm thinking. Anyhow, what I am really looking for is about keeping the dana 35 that came with my ZJ. Tires are probably not going to be bigger then 29"-31", there will be a locker and I'm keep the V8 pretty stock. What do you think about a dana 35 used in this application?
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