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It depends on what you start with. If you've got a motor that just has excessive blow by, those cheap kits are good. Get the block bored and honed, crank polished and your ready to go.

I toured a local high quantity re-builder years ago (Grooms in Nashville, TN) and saw what goes into a mass produced rebuild. Every single motor gets this stuff done.

Block gets baked, shot peened, magnafluxed, bored, honed, align honed, square decked, cam bearings, freeze plugs
The crank gets ground if needed, polished, straightened and balanced
The rods are straightened (nobody else does this), sized, new hardware and pin fit if floating.
Heads get baked, shot peened, new guides, seats if needed, valve job, springs, seals, decked
Everything is assembled with new hardware, gaskets, new oil pump and run on a run in stand to check oil pressure and vibration.

If you had to get all that done by a local machine shop it would cost twice what it costs from a big re-builder. So, they are a value when you compare the two fairly. When you see a cheap rebuild, it's only cheap because half this labor doesn't get done.
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