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Stock, Budget rebuild (Xtreme Off-Road)…?

I caught Xtreme Off-Road's (Extreme 4x4's) Dirt Cheap Fun where Ian is attempting to build a capable wheeler out of a turbo powered '86 Toyota Pickup for around 5k.

What caught my attention in the first episode is the idea of doing a budget, stock rebuild using a rebuild kit from Rock Auto.

The engine rebuild basically consisted of new timing set, oil pump, rings, bearings, and pistons; using the original rods and honing the cylinders.

My question is, just how feasible is a rebuild like this?

I have 3, count ‘em THREE, 258’s for my CJ-7 in my garage that all need rebuilds for one reason or another (one has severe blow-by, one has a knock in the bottom end, the other I have never heard run).

Of I could get away with a $300-$400 as opposed to a $1200-$1500 crate motor or who-knows-how-much money in machine shop and all new parts costs, that would certainly be more feasible.

What are your thoughts?
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