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Wrapper help

Hi Guy's
There is a spec on some wrappers that i just don't understand what it's telling me to do this has nothing to do with the program it's all me not understanding i like to cut and cope all my tubes before bending so i print out the wrappers for straight and the ones that will be bent and get this info from one end

Cut Size 1.375
Cut Angle 3.12
Offset 0
Setback 0
Rotation 278.12

and the other end

Cut Size 1.5
Cut Angle 7.92
Offset 0
Setback 0
Rotation 100.3

What i don't understand is what is the Rotation telling me to do,rotate the tube from where is there a zero degree starting point ?
I can cut one end then kinda eyeball the other so what the heck am i missing iv'e had Bend-Tech over ten years i have contacted Bend-Tech a few times but still don't understand their explaination so i figured i would give it one more try here.
Thanks for any help
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