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Bend-Tech SM and Assembly

I have been using the SM module for a little while now and really liking it. Designing one piece parts seems pretty straight forward.
What I am wanting/Trying to do now is not so much straight forward, lol. Or maybe I am just trying to do things the hard way. I am trying to design a plate rear bumper for a Bronco I have. I am finding it difficult. So far I have been able to design a few of the plates and import them into an assembly. But now I am finding it more difficult to design the remaining pieces. There a few measurements and angles that I am needing but can't get from the Assy mode. The only point I have in assy mode in the anchor point. I am unable to figure out how to create new points or even transfer the points from my original plate design into the assy module. Or if that is even possible. It seem that pretty much everything in the Assy module for design is based off of tubing.
Can a plate bumper (or any muti plate design) be done in the assy module simply?
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