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Originally Posted by ScooteK View Post
Years ago I meant to make a video showing what your asking about. Measurement to production of. An example of your pick point to stretch came to mind on an interior cage. Like E said, for this application there is not really any room for moving things much because your inside. However in this particular example I had drawn the x brace for the doors straight. This put the intersection of the tubes rather high. I was going for maximum strength. This made it take some effort to climb in the truck. The customer wanted it easier. Using the stretch feature, I simply grabbed the node and pulled it down to his liking. The software automatically corrected everything. I then saw that this created conflict with the handle for rolling down the window. Using the stretch again I moved it forward a bit to clear the window handle and arm rest. Bend-Tech corrected all the math instantly.
I think unnecessary work with the program is part of learning the program. The more you use it and search about it and ask questions, the better you will get with it. Cris has made leaps and bounds to add features and make this product easier to use. I still use the long way because that's what I know. The results are always spot on so I'm not to concerned how long it takes or what steps it takes for me to get there. The software has multiple means for inputting your data for this very reason. We all use it a bit different.
Thank you, that was very helpful.
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