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I am just about "done" with the transformational efforts to detail my car. So far I have spent a fair amount of time bringing the paint back to life with compound, polish and wax, and freshening up the front of the car by painting the grill and filler panel. I decided to finally give some attention to the vinyl top. I've never really been sure what to do with it. Normal washing doesn't seem to clean it up that well. Here's what it looks like after my last car wash:

I did some research and found all purpose cleaner (APC) might be a good start for lifting the nasties out of the vinyl. I picked up some Chemical Guys Nonsense and an Adam's Cockpit Brush. The brush has soft enough bristles that it shouldn't damage the vinyl even with heavy brushing.

Working in sections, I sprayed and heavily brushed the vinyl. Then I let the APC sit a while so it could lift some of the contaminants out of the vinyl.

It's hard to see in the photo, but I could definitely see the grime coming out of the vinyl.

Once the foamy bubbles dissipated, I mopped up the grime with a microfiber.

Here is what the top looked like after cleaning. Much more sanitary! You can clearly see which side I had cleaned and which side still needed attention.

Next it was time to shine up and protect the vinyl. I decided to try out Chemical Guys Natural Shine dressing. I picked up a 16oz bottle and a foam applicator and went to work

This stuff could probably be smeared on with just about any cloth or applicator. I put a few dabs on at a time and worked it over the top of the car.

Here is a 50/50 shot with one side cleaned and dressed, the other side not.

And here's what it looks like up close right after application. It's a little shinier than I expected for a "matte" / "natural" dressing, but it looks good. It brought a deep black back to the vinyl.

And after a few weeks of rain, I finally found a break in the clouds to get out and see the car in the sun. So nice to see shine in the paint from the recent polish & wax.

The hood looks so much better outside than it does in the garage!

And because this started as an engine swap thread, I can't neglect what's under the hood... yup still there and still going strong!

Looking forward to some new projects and experiences with the car soon. Brakes and steering are still in my sights.

Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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