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Finishing up the plumbing...

The other couple details for the hydraulic plumbing were using a pair of these guys to allow better range of motion and enable using shorter hoses:

They're Parker live swivels so the hoses can rotate more easily. This also prevents the motion of the cylinder from trying to loosen the fittings. They're definitely proud of these (I got them from Zoro/Grainger) but they work really well for what I'm doing.

The other thing I did was make up a short hard line and bracket on the cylinder to clean up the hose routing.

The zip ties were replaced by this ties are not a structural fastener!

This is a T-Bolt clamp from McMaster. The bolt is turned to the inside to make it less likely to snag on stuff.

Finally...some hoses. I used field-installable fittings instead of crimps so I could dial in the lengths I needed to make things work correctly.

Here it is with the ratchet fully extended (making the last bend of a 90):

And a check on opening the bottom drawer:

Next up...drawer fronts and wiring!

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