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Here is the bender bolted down to the table:

This got a little interesting...I was drilling the holes on my mill and realized I couldn't reach one of them. Unfortunately I don't have a turret mill like a Bridgeport where I could just slide the ram out. I was able to get it in a couple steps with a hand held drill, but it caused some head scratching for a minute.

I have the bender offset to the front of the cabinet so the hoses will clear the table top on their way down to the drawer that houses the hydraulic unit...more on that in a bit.

The cabinet will ultimately have six drawers. One for the hydraulics, and the other five to store tooling. Hossfelds are different than other benders in that some of the setups have a bunch of small pieces. Drawer storage makes sense to keep it all organized and protected.

Here's the bottom drawer frame after I welded it up:

The drawer slides came from Rockler and are rated for 220 lbs per pair. I'm making these from 1/2" x 2" tube to gain some load capacity, plus I don't have a press brake to form them out of heavier gauge sheet.

The bottoms are 14 gauge HRPO that is stitch welded around the perimeter. Here's the bottom drawer, checking clearances for the hydraulic components:

I have the bottom of this drawer shifted up 1/2" for clearance on the fasteners for the power unit. It also worked out that I could use a piece of 1/2" x 2" laid flat for a brace under the motor to better support it and keep it from vibrating while running.

I turned some 1-1/2" angle into brackets for the control valve:

And then got to making up some hard lines for the plumbing in the drawer:

I did a little thinking ahead and placed everything to make life simpler when bending the lines. It's a lot easier when you can keep everything in one plane!

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