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Wow! I didn't realize it had been three years since I started this thread...time flies!

I used Imgur (I think) to host the original photos in this thread. It appears all the links are dead now. I'm getting close to completing a bit upgrade on my Hossfeld...hydraulics!

Here is what I'm starting with:

This is the basic bender plus the hydraulic hardware and cylinder from Hossfeld. The hardware is not horrendously expensive compared to reverse engineering and making it, and it works with all the setups for the bender for doing different materials.

The cylinder is not a cheap piece compared to what you can find on Amazon, etc. The difference is it's a 15" stroke, which is an odd length compared to standard 14" or 16" cylinders you can find from a lot of different vendors. Rollie at Hossfeld explained that with a standard cylinder it will either be too long and not able to insert material between the dies, or too short and not able to bend a full 90. So I shelled out the cash for the correct cylinder.

Here is the beginning of the cart/cabinet for the bender. The tube is 2" square and the end panels are 12 gauge HRPO steel. The end panels are pre-punched for heavy duty drawer slides.

Some caster brackets...

Bent tube in place of sharp angle miters is getting to be a recurring theme in my work.

And sitting on the floor for the first time!

The bender is just sitting on the cart in this photo while I was checking out positioning. I had the top burned out of 3/8" plate by my local steel supplier. It's extra beefy, but the extra work surface will be handy while juggling tooling and doing layout.

More coming later!

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