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Originally Posted by Bray D View Post
Very cool. Thanks for the brief review. I've seen benders like this, but never paid much attention to their capabilities. Looks like it'll be a worthwhile addition to the shop. Congrats!
Thanks! It already is a worthwhile addition.

Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
Thanks for taking the time to share all this. Hossfield has so much great tooling - some of the setups are insanely clever. I wish they had better quick visual rundown of all the things it can do. Their tool brochure shows the tooling very clearly, but it doesn't show clearly what kinds of parts can come out of each tool. They have a few YouTube videos that are great.

I'm sure some of the toolsets/functions could be replicated on a JD2 or Pro Tools bender, but Hossfield has everything ready to go.
Yeah, the manual is only 30 pages, and the catalog another 30 or so. It's very matter of fact..."this tool serves this function" kind of stuff. It would be nice if they showed more examples of what can be done with the different tools.

I started following the hashtag "hossfeldbender" on Instagram, and there's more examples of what can be done there. A lot of furniture and architectural stuff...which I would like to try my hand at for some stuff in the new house we're building.

You could do a lot of the same things with a JD squared, but you would about have to have knowledge of the Hossfeld tooling and access to it to duplicate certain things...and your time is worth something, too. Part of this started with me looking at the little HF bender, which is a copy of a copy of a #1 Hossfeld, with nearly none of the functionality or tooling available.

Originally Posted by R.DesJardin View Post
Hossfeld was "the" bender back when I first got into off road fab in the 80's. Very versatile.
For sure. My dad had one with tons of tooling (and hydraulics!) in the early 90's, but he sold it off when he sold the shop. It would cost a fortune to duplicate what he had at that time.

The biggest issue I found looking for a used one is you generally find a set of rusty bender frames with a couple pieces of tooling and pins, but missing a lot of the stuff that comes with the basic bender. I think most of the problem is the application of the stuff is non-obvious, so it just gets lost over time...

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