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The completely silly remote light switch linkage project!!

Like the title says, a silly little linkage. My wife and I have been bothered by poor light switch placement in our house, our living room light switch is stuck in a corner and is difficult to reach because it is over the back of the couch. It is nearly impossible to reach when you come in in the dark with hands full of stuff like groceries or luggage. The construction of our house makes moving the switch very difficult so with a little imagination and a dash of steampunk I came up with a remote linkage that allows us to operate the light switch right at the front door.

So without further ado...

The various linkages.

The hand lever.

The first 90 degree bellcrank.

The second 90 degree bellcrank.

The reversing lever. This also changes the ratio.

The switch gear.

The whole linkage in the OFF position.

And the ON position.

What a hell of a lot of trouble and monkey motion to switch a light on and off but hey it's the only one on the block.

The bellcranks are cut from 14g cold rolled sheet with 1/2" OD tube sleeves tig'd in and they pivot on stands that I turned from 3/4" aluminum bar. Every connecting rod uses 3/16" brass rod that I threaded with 10-32 thread for the heim joints. The knob for the hand lever is some brass rod that I turned and grooved and the whole thing is screwed together with brass machine and wood screws. I clear coated the steel bits to keep rust away and will need to clear coat the brass rods to keep them shiny as well.

Silly? Most definitely. Functional? You bet. And the best thing is that it will keep me from tripping on the cat when I come home in the dark.

I hope this serves as inspiration the next time one of you needs to do something out of the ordinary.

Thanx for looking,
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