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I feel your pain! On straight pieces, just line the two lines up on each of the wrappers on each end. On bent pieces, it apparently lines up with the outside bend radius of the end of the tube that the bend is on (it took me a LONG time to wrap my head around this). I typically mess with 1.625 tube, so I took half of that, plus the thickness of the tube, and made a little "block" out of flat bar that I can lay the tube down on something flat with that bend on it, and use my block to mark the outside radius with it...then I line that mark up with the line on the wrapper.

Why they did it that way is a mystery to, on any tube with an out of plane bend, you're going to have to mark the tube with a starting "zero" point that all of your rotation is based off of. It would be a LOT more intuitive to just say, for any tube with an out of plane bend, make sure you add a line to each end of your tube for aligning any cutting wrappers. The rotational degrees are already being used in the program to determine the bends shouldn't be a stretch to index them off of the original centerline from those.
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