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For the cost it SEEMS like it could be just bought there UNLESS its really special stuff.

But check with GreyHound. They ship all sorts of crazy things in the bottoms of thier busses storage compartments.

You would/should make it easy to carry (like wrap rope around it in two places for handles near the middle) and bundle it up. You would likely wish to wrap the tube in plastic sheeting so it stays drier and does not get any dirt/oil off it onto other peoples things. The plastic sheeting can be bought pretty cheap at U-hual stores and you can get stuff thats near 2 feet wide.

Then the person getting it would just have to go to the local Greyhound terminal to get it.

Ten feet might be pushing it but you may also do it in two bundles so its easier to move. They may not likely consider it two packages like the Post offcie would (with two smaller packages) Especially if you pointed out you made them half size for easier handling.

Talk to them and see what they say.
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