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No, the ECU's are different for the automatic transmission truck and the manual transmission truck. The dealer doesn't want to try to see if the V8 vin ecu and flash over to a V6 ecu.

I spoke to someone in Florida. To get the V8 with Automatic to work with a Manual transmission;
They said all that is needed is to block the error code, i.e. U1000 from the can-bus TCU to ECU. Once you do that the ECU and donor manual transmission will work.

I will have to experiment on the automatic gear selector to see if I just need to keep it in (P)ark or (N)eutral. Or someone how remove the gear selector from the system, which is what I'm going to try and do both physically and software. This shouldn't be hard.

- I got the clutch assembly installed, master cylinder, pre-fit the trans, push-pull cable shifter, lines ran from master cylinder to slave cyl... slave cyl attaches to the bell housing.

- Waiting for the adapter.
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