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Anyone familiar with Nissan Titans (2007)

Anyone familiar with Nissan titan 2007. Jatco RE5R05A auto trans. Swapping from Automatic to Manual.

Swapping in FS6R30A 6 spd manu transmission to the Nissan Titan VK56

Everyone has moved the VK56 engine to the FS6R30A / chassis, meaning the vehicle is already set for manual trans, so the swap has been done and successful. i.e. 350z, xterra, frontier... FS6R-30A, 31A

Hypothesis; with an Automatic as the platform. I believe i need to lock the gear selector to Neutral and leave it there so it can function with the donor 6 spd trans. I don't know if it's possible to remove the auto trans gear selector from the CAN-bus ECU, BCU, TCU integration.

Goal; To NOT use a stand-alone ECU. Want to use the stock ECU as I want to pass smog and keep license plate on the truck and not do a whole swap every time I need to smog cert. People do make adapters and spoke to a few but vehicle already has a manual transmission.

Physically, I already have;
1.) Donor 6 spd trans and transfer case. 2.) Spare RE5R05A bellhousing 3.) Clutch pedal housing from 95 nissan pathfinder mod. to fit 4.) OE clutch pedal 5.) Wilwood 260-11098 master cyl 6.) push type slave cyl 7.) spare OEM ECU with Uprev and immobile disabled 8.) OEM driveshaft and new driveshaft

Um, should I dare say... who like reading through 10 pages of nothing? please respond with useful info. Sry with a business and a family I only have a small windows of opportunity to perform these hobby projects. Like most of you guys on here, I have mill, lathe, welders, tube bender, water jet a mile down, CNC at a friends house.
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