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I bought a Jim's Garage Chassis (Rockmafia from Pirate and because the rigs he built before mine were holding up well with big setups. One of the recent setups was a cruiser style cab and a half (he took the 4 seater design he did for me and left the seats out for storage) with a 350, rockwells, and 47's. The rig is holding up to some great southeastern abuse. He also build BigWoody's rig (a good friend of his) who you can find videos of abuse all over Pirate at all of the major southeastern parks. Jim builds the chassis in his garage in Greensboro and can build chassis to full turn key rigs. The part I liked about it, is my chassis is built for My setup, 2 kids, rockwells, Lt-1, 44's. Thats what I wanted and thats what he build the chassis around. I like that better than alot more money for a chassis that is duplicated constantly and not necessarily designed for my drivetrain, etc.
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