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Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post
Thank you! I'm currently investing in more serious camera gear with plans to do car cinema/shorts as a hobby, along with capturing my family's travel adventures. I bought a drone at the end of last year and put this one together with a friend outside of Phoenix:

The problem with that video is while it has some interesting footage, I wasn't able to tell any kind of story with it. It's also missing close and mid shots. There's no climax or action. The overall feel is sort of slow and sleepy. But I learned a lot about my drone and editing. I will work to improve!
While I'm sure you're going to be critical of your own work (I know I am!) I think that is quite the video! You have some skills! I like the backing track on this it the Mermen?

Pretty cool that you keep moving forward and into different stuff!
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