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Ford ex4

Hi there,
As a European enthousiaste of the Ford EX and seeing the creation of TIM04 I would like to know more about the built of the EX4.
It is already several years ago that TIM04 posted on this forum but i wonder if there is a possability to contact TIM04 about the picture dvd he spoke of?
I would like to have the build plan of the EX4 because i never had the change as European to see the real Ford EX in person so I dont know anything further then what i saw on the photo's.
I have no idear about the size of this EX build.
Is there someone on the forum still in contact with TIM04?
I read also that TIM04 had a motor accident maybe therefore TIM04 is no more online in this forum.

Please help?

What i found is the next from mearsmetal,


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