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So many updates to write up and so little time, so here are some short clips instead:

Here is what it looks like to operate the Silver Sport STX short throw shifter on the 6 speed. The short throws with this shifter are amazing. Moving 1st to 2nd I just pull back with slight pressure left. Moving 2nd to 3rd, I can just push forward and it will find it's way naturally over to 3rd. 3rd to 4th again I just pull back. The movements are short and crisp. This is some mild, low RPM shifting - just wanted to capture the shifter movements.

With break in miles behind me, I was finally ready to dump the clutch on those poor tires. Rowing through 1st, 2nd, and (briefly) 3rd while doing a rolling burnout was so much fun! I'm sure it could keep spinning up into 4th gear, but I'd prefer a more open space for those kinds of shenanigans. I plan to practice some clutch kicking & drift as I reach end of life on the current set of tires. I've had a goal for the longest time to execute a forward 360 spin in this car. That will take a lot of practice and open space - there is a very specific sequence of steering and clutch to make it happen and this car has a limited steering angle.

I have more to write up on the trans install. If you follow me on Instagram (@chevyhotrodder), you know I also just finished installing a Ricks Restomod tank with a Gen V Camaro SS fuel module and Vaporworx mechanical regulator. The fuel pump was failing on my modified stock tank and I decided it was time for a more reliable setup. My how the options have changed since I did the swap! I started this thread over ten years ago now and I've had the car driving over 5 years. So much has changed, but the engine continues to make reliable horsepower and I LOVE driving this car.

Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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