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It's been a while since I last updated this thread, so I'll try to get thing sup to speed.

I took a new favorite photo of the car in April:

Still very happy with my swap. Sorry I'm in the boring phase of the build thread where I just enjoy the fruits of my labor for years on end.

It's been a busy couple of months since my last update. I've gotten pretty lazy about updating my build thread in the age of Instagram, but I still prefer the forums for long-form!

Early in May I decided to take the car out to the local cruise night in Santa Paula. I've been going to this for a long time now and still enjoy the drive, the nice mix of classic cars, and seeing my family that lives there. Before heading out I tried out a waterless wash system and I've got to say, I'm hooked on this wash method. The car came out nice and I was able to clean it inside my garage late at night while the kids were sleeping.

I found a good spot to park in front of the old movie theater and enjoyed walking around talking cars with anyone willing. I met a few people with LS swaps in progress, but still this show is dominated by carbureted small blocks. I like the classic feel of it all.

Not long after the show, I met up with a local buddy I found on Instagram who goes by @slayer_camaro. He has a single tubo'd 5.3 with a T56 Magnum and drives his car almost daily. Right now he's on a long distance road trip to the Pacific Northwest so if you live up that way, reach out and see if he'll meet up with you. I took him out to a favorite spot for photos and shot his car like I was trying to be some kind of professional.

I also got a few shots of my car too.

I really enjoy taking photos of cars. If I learned how to post process them, I might be able to make something half decent.

Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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