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Originally Posted by TheBandit View Post

Doing more night driving highlighted some wiring issues with the exterior lighting. The housing-based ground on one of the taillight sockets is very unreliable so it is frequently going out - I can get it to work again by moving the socket around, but it often just goes out again while I'm driving. I had a headlight shut off due to a corroded connector. The blinkers sometimes work, sometimes don't. Lack of reliable exterior lighting is a serous safety concern, so I am going to limit my night driving and start researching harness replacement.

I had a little problem driving home from the gym last night. I noticed at the first light I stopped at my coolant temperature was spiking. I'll admit I got a little panicked as the needle was rapidly climbing.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot and shut the car down. I am always fearful of opening the hood on a car that's overheating. Once a friend of mine popped the hood while his car was overheating and in that moment one of his hoses blew off and spouted hot coolant everywhere. Luckily he wasn't scalded.

My first thought was to check the fan fuse and sure enough it was blown.

When I originally wired the fan I decided to use a maxi fuse. I knew a smaller form factor like an ATM or ATC fuse would not survive the high startup currents of this fan, but even a maxi fuse has it's limits. I planned to use a 40a fuse, but had a 30a handy in a fuse assortment so that's what I used. It worked for the last two years, but finally gave up. In the original application for this Volvo fan the wiring incorporated a fuseable link - that would be an even better option. But for this round I waited for the car to cool down, drove to the nearest auto parts store, and popped in a new 40a fuse. The fan is working fine again. I'll be sure to carry a spare from here on.
On the suburban I found some replacement tail light sockets with external grounds, that solved our issue. Something like this.

And good to know on the fan fuse. I don't think the Derale fan we ended up using is near as stout as the Volvo fan motor but I know we don't have a spare fuse in the truck.
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