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Got a wild hair on Friday, took the day off and drove my family down the Pacific Coast Highway for a beach day north of Malibu. The weather was fantastic and we had a blast!

I had an oh-crap moment running errands before we headed out. I stopped a few miles from the house and when I went to turn the key, the starter didn't crank. The ECM must have gotten a key-on voltage because the gauges fired up and the fuel pump ran, but the starter itself did not crank. I didn't have a DMM/voltmeter or anything on me so I listened for sound at the starter solenoid and heard nothing. I followed the wiring from the starter solenoid back and realized there are quite a few connections and possible failure points: one under the hood, the neutral safety switch on my Hurst shifter (which could need adjustment), a few crimp connections leftover from years ago, the neutral safety switch in the column (it was originally a column shift car), and the ignition switch. I pushed each connection together (none were obviously disconnected), moved the shifter slightly, moved the column shifter slightly, retried and it started right up. I should have been smarter and tried one thing at a time so I would know which connection or switch was the culprit, but I was just happy to get it started. I will have to go over the wiring later and check all the switches and adjustments.

In other news, the car got a layer of dust from driving it so I'm going to have to take it all apart and detail it again

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