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Tuesday night I hustled to finish the Morris Classic 3pt belt install in the back. I thought I'd be able to do it with just the bottom of the seat removed, but I had a hard time getting to the lower anchor bolts so I removed the back of the seat too. This had the added benefit of being able to reach through the rear panel to tighten the nut for the retractor while holding the bolt from the top - definitely better than having two people. The Morris instructions did not say which way to orient the belts, so I installed them the way the factory belts were routed (outside pointing up, inside pointing down). I kept the original center lap belt installed just in case.

Once that was back together, I spent some time cleaning out the inside of the car, vacuuming, and wiping everything down. I zip tied a few loose wires under the dash and made the interior presentable for the insurance inspector. Wednesday morning he showed up to take photos of the car and make sure it was in fact garage kept (a requirement for an agreed value policy).

When he arrived he wanted to just take photos of the car in the driveway. The lighting there was poor and the garage was casting shadows over the car, so I insisted we back the car into the street to get better photos. Considering these photos may some day establish a value for the car, I want it looking it's best. I positioned the car in the street with the wheels turned slightly over and got this 3/4 view shot.

Of course he had to get photos all around and inside the car, so when he asked me to pop the hood, I gladly showed off the LS.

Fresh off the victory of installing the rear belts, we decided to take the kids out for ice cream. They were both stoked to take a ride in the Nova! I put my 7yo son's booster seat in and installed my 4yo daughters car seat using a seat belt locking clip. Having the shoulder harness for my son (and eventually my daughter) is the reason I bought these belts.

They all had a great time and when we started to leave from the ice cream place, my daughter was so excited to get back in the Nova she started bouncing around yelling "Nova! Nova! Nova! We get to ride in the Nova!" A dad's hear can only swell so big before it explodes!

Ongoing 70 Nova build:
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