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I was thinking about taking my car to a show this weekend and naturally that snowballed into starting a full detail / paint restoration. Why drive the car when I can continue to work on it?

I have been researching this topic for a while. For anyone interested in bringing life back to old single stage paint, I suggest checking out this article on autogeek.

The steps I plan to follow are as follows:
(1) Strip wash the car to remove any residual wax/polish from previous work
(2) Clay bar to remove surface bonded contaminants / industrial fallout
(3) Condition the paint with Maguiars no 7 to restore oils
(4) Compound to remove oxidation and other deep defects
(5) Polish to remove surface defects swirls and scratches
(6) Wax to protect the finish

Paint Restoration: Before photos

Here is what I'm starting with. I don't know if this paint is original, but I certainly haven't painted it since I bought the car twenty years ago. It's a single stage "black cherry" factory color with lots of chips and a few dents. In this photo there is a layer of dust over the car from being stored for a while, but it also has significant oxidation and water deposits.


Ongoing 70 Nova build:

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