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I had a scale set using bathroom scales for 2 years before I ponied up and bought the real thing...bathroom scales were just as accurate. I used 3 200lb scales under each wheel, with one 10" long piece of PVC pipe on top of each scale, and a 2'x2' piece of 3/4" plywood on top of the pipes. The pipe acted as rollers and allowed the suspension to relax when you set the car down on top of them with a jack. Just add the readings together on all the scales under one wheel and you have the cornerweight. Sometimes, if one of the scales is maxed out, you have to reposition slightly, but for a light car, 2 per wheel does the trick. I bought the scales at WalMart for $4.99 each, and I had the pipe and plywood. I like to weight the car with me in the seat, and I have a hard time finding helpers (even though I seem to always be helping others), so I bougth the electronic $1000 setup with the stupid box that I can look at from the drivers seat.
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