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Thanks for the kind feedback. It is true we are our own worst critics. But it is good to learn and identify areas for improvement too.

I can't recall the artist for that track - I pulled it from a YouTube audio library, so it's probably not a well known artist. Choosing the right background track is a tough job - it really sets the mood and pace of the video.

My favorite part of this video is the intro sequence. The audio of the car driving up was taken a coupe hours after I took the video footage. I stood at the side of the road with my microphone and had him drive by from about 1/4 mile away. I also took engine sounds of him idling and driving with the microphone taped onto different parts of his car. It was really cool to piece the audio together with the footage and make it seem convincing. I also shot the opening wide shots well before he arrived on site. I just happened to catch a couple cars crossing in front of me, which made for cool opening footage.

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