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I have been wanting to get out in the car and finally had a morning open to join a local cars & coffee. So Friday night I figured out how to get two child seats in the back. This was a pain because the buckles on these old lap belts are in the center, while newer belts put them on the sides. This means the buckles are buried somewhere in the child seat so they are hard to access for tightening and release. I have several different child seats for my wife and my daily drivers and fortunately a couple of them worked out.

This was the first trip out with the whole family: my wife, my 6yo son, and my 3yo daughter. My wife hasn't been in the car other than a very brief jaunt up the street and back, so this was her first time experiencing any town or freeway driving. She was nervous, especially when the transmission started doing it's voodoo shifting going down the freeway. I finally had to slow down and just lock it in 2nd gear when it started bucking between 2nd and 3rd going up a grade. It's a mess, but I just wanted to drive the damn car regardless. Maybe I'll get "lucky" and the stupid transmission will blow up on it's own.

Anyway, we managed to get to the cars and coffee and the kids had a good time looking at all the cars. To them every classic car is a Nova just like daddy's. I enjoyed talking to a couple people that were interested in the swap. One in particular complemented where I put the ignition coils, which I thought was cool given all the effort I put into that. But my car overall is just a mess - lots of patina, bad fitment of panels, loose ends that need to be cleaned up - it's not nearly as nice as it looks in the photos.

I noticed a few things on this trip that were troubling. One is that the idle oil pressure became lower than what I have been seeing on earlier drives. On previous drives, it tends to be around 30psi cold idle dropping to low 20s warm idle, but this trip it steadied out around 15psi warm. I am not sure how much stock I put in that number though, because at the same time on this trip the coolant gauge remained stuck at 200F, even when I first started the car and it was definitely cold. I need to confirm my gauges are setup and working properly - the pegging of the coolant gauge doesn't give me confidence. The gauges are Speedtech CAN-bus operated and depend on the signal from the ECM. I think I will try checking with the OBDII reader to see if they match. Maybe something is awry with the wiring of the gauges or the sensors themselves.

If the oil pressure is actually dropping, that is clearly a concern. It might be time to drain and check the oil, slice open the filter, and see if anything is going on.

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