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Originally Posted by Lindenmooch View Post
As the title says....I'm looking for some dimensions for my Fjord pickup. I want to try my hand at this metalworking stuff...and I want to bend a couple "prerunner" style bumpers. Gonna use some 1.75" exhaust pipe for practice bending.....then I'll bend some sch 40 pipe for most of the main pieces of the bumper. All of which I can pretty much measure and figure out as I go.....but I need to fabricate some beefy frame horns to attach a tubular bumper to, and I don't know what size plate to use for the horns....or how big?

Some other stuff I'd like to make if the bumpers go radius arms and traction bars. Maybe a 3-link rear eventually.

This sucks....NONE of the local offroad fab shops are willing to help me. They are a bunch of greedy sobs...and won't even shoot me some numbers to help me make my own shiz. They just want me to buy their crap. sigh.....

I just bought this truck with this bumper on it. I think its ugly but I can get you some better pictures if its what your looking to do. Its a 94 f250
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