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Denise 06-22-2020 08:21 PM

1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....
I'm curious, and it would be easier to ask then to read every post in this forum.....

What are some of the problems encountered in the 1998 and newer Rangers that are specific to those models? As the tech library expands, I'm trying to figure out what direction we need to go now that the 1998 and up Rangers are becoming more common and being modified more.

Whether it be hubs, axles, transmissions, engines, electronics, etc.....please post any problems you see popping up with these trucks that we may need to address in some tech pages.
It would seem to me that there would be more and more electrical related issues.

You may post some that I already know about or have addressed elsewhere, but throw anything you can think of out there. Who knows, we may find that a specific problem is more common that you think.


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