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R3Fab. 03-22-2020 12:33 AM

JD2 M3 Rolling stand for air-over conv.
Now that I have converted my JD Squared model 3 to air-over using the SWAG kit I do not have to annoy the building owner with holes for floor anchors.
In truth the concrete in the building is so poor I suspect it might not hold.
It is also a long way from level.

I made a simple stand that lets me roll the bender around easily and also level it when needed.
Very stable at all times, even with a 7.5 x 1.5 die set.
Just an X under the stand I already had with four swivel wheels and four machine leveling feet.
Works great!

The only thing that might not be self explanatory from the pics is that I turned down a set of coupling nuts then inserted them from the bottom side before welding.
That gave a strong base for the leveling pads.



Maxx Levell 03-23-2020 11:46 AM

Nice! I'm getting ready to create something similar...nut I already have a base with Steel casters that I'm going to adapt.

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