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Bonehead 04-26-2014 11:21 PM

Grand Mesa Jeep Club - Offroad Show
I noticed nobody has used this section of the forum since last year. We have to change that.

You guys are all invited......

This year, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club will go all out to produce the annual OFFROAD SHOW, June 7th 2014. This event follows 3days of trail rides called Rock Junction. Each day ends with a huge cookout with everybody who was on the trips for the day. On June 8th we will have our Desert Cleanup. Last year 100 vehicles attended the trail rides, which include scenic trips, and extreme rock crawling, and everything in between. Over 3000 people attended the OFFROAD SHOW, and at the desert cleanup, we picked up several tons of trash. Every year for the past 5 years, the show has gotten bigger, and is more well attended. During the show we have our Crawlin to a Cure mini rock crawl event, where we raise money for cancer patients, and awareness.
After winning BF Goodrich's Outstanding Trails Award for 2014, the Grand Mesa Jeep Club is well on its way to having a fantastic year. We are making good things happen, and expect to only get bigger and better this year.
We will have a fund raising raffle with the proceeds going to our land use fund.

To sign up for the event, go here:

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