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R3Fab. 03-24-2020 04:08 AM

Using BT to visualize factory mount points.
Probably not what BT is intended for, but I needed to be able to visualize factory suspension mounting points from a production car in 3D.

BT made it fairly easy, from there I was able to attach some prototype arms.
Since I do not have SE or the sheetmetal module it will be simpler to make a set than to compete a drawing.


EL VASCO 03-29-2020 11:49 PM

Yes I agree BT is really great just would like to know how to take more advantage of it

R3Fab. 03-30-2020 01:45 AM

Since we are semi-locked into our homes I have been modeling all sorts of parts for the practice.
I have a basic multi-tube chassis design I am "virtually" adapting to several production frames using BT.
Next up is to create an updated and lighter space-frame design.
That requires a lot more tubes and triangulation so will be a test of my abilities.

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